Oct 19, 2016

Sweater Weather Love

It's still a little too warm in Georgia to pull out all my sweaters, but it is perfect weather for layering. Lately I've been loving pairing cardigans over top of my summer tank tops. I especially love it when my cardigans are a little longer and can cover my butt. To me, that's the perfect length! Best of all, this layered cardigan look goes with literally everything. It looks just as great with a pair of yoga pants as it does with a pencil skirt.

Here are nine extra-long cardigans in some perfect autumn colors:


Oct 18, 2016

A List of Lovely Little Things

I happened to look out the kitchen window this week at the exact moment the breeze blew up a huge leaf whirlwind. It was one of those quintessentially fall moments, straight out of a movie. It's safe to say fall has been pulling out all the stops lately and I'm not hating it. 

Some lovely little things from this season:

Noticing the first blaze of orange leaves 
Sleeping with the windows open
Working with the windows open
Taking walks on my lunch break
Finding a new podcast to listen to on my walks
Pulling fresh banana bread out of the oven
Pulling any kind of fresh bread out of the oven
Catching up on the laundry
Drinking hot tea in the morning
Eating fried food at the local fall festivals
Picking out pumpkins for the back steps
Watching my mums open a little more every day
Soaking up the last little bit of summer weather
Listening to live bluegrass music 
Wearing ankle boots with everything
Practicing my cornhole game
Realizing there's only 6 weeks until Thanksgiving
Planning for some fun fall get-togethers
Adding chili to the menu every week
Eating toasted pumpkin bread for breakfast
Getting cozy at 7pm because it's already dark outside
Pulling out the cold-weather projects
Digging out my fall scarves to wear

What has you most excited about fall?


Oct 17, 2016

Life Lately


Obsessed with all things fall. My doorstep is covered in mums and pumpkins, and I'm declaring it sweater weather even though it is just barely cool enough.

Planning a trip to the mountains this weekend. The leaves are supposed to be at their peak color and I'm excited about getting up there to enjoy them.

Moving thanks to this appropriately named app. It sends workout reminders to my phone every 45 minutes. It's great....until it's not and I just get really annoyed at it.

Listening to this new album by Jamestown Revival. It's been on repeat around here lately.

Chasing stinkbugs out of the house constantly! I have never seen so many of them until we moved to Georgia. They seem to come out of the woodwork in the fall.

Dreading having my wisdom teeth out later this week. As soon as I scheduled the surgery, I started hearing a barrage of wisdom teeth surgery horror stories. I'm hoping those were the exception to the rule and it's not going to be that that big of a deal.

Wearing this sweater which is actually on a 40% off sale right now. It's just light and baggy enough for these early fall days.

Trying my hand at banana bread with some dying bananas I had lying around. It turned out really good! I used this super easy recipe I found on Pinterest.

Drinking 60 ounces of water a day -- or at least that's my goal. I have a large water bottle that I keep by my side and try to refill at least twice a day.

Loving protein ice cream! Did you know there was such a thing?! Someone told me about it recently and I've been hooked on the chocolate flavor ever since.


Oct 14, 2016

Happy National Dessert Day + This Week's Links

You guys, it's National Dessert Day! If you were ever going to celebrate a made-up holiday, this seems like the time to do it. The problem is choosing which dessert to celebrate with! I've narrowed it down to three recipes that I'd like to try, but it wasn't easy.

Pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls

Apple cider donut bundt cake

New England apple cider cake

And how delicious does that chocolate peanut butter cup cake look above?! I feel myself getting fatter just looking at the picture! If you're in need of other dessert ideas, feel free to check out all the recipes I'm hoarding for another day.

Here are a few links from this week:

How to find product sources on Pinterest

'Tis the season for wool blankets. Here are 15 gorgeous options.

Wit & Whistle's card selection cracks me up

A recipe for the weekend: chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes

Important things to know this time of year: how to tie a blanket scarf

Other things from the blog this week:

An update on our house hunt progress (or lack thereof)

Fun date night ideas that don't involve eating out

So happy about this season and its slower pace

Have a great weekend!

Oct 12, 2016

A House Hunt Update

I wish this was a "Surprise! We bought a house!" post, but sadly, it's not. Feel free to skip my ramblings below now that you know there's no groundbreaking news to reveal. ;)

The house hunt is still on, although these days it feels a bit more like "house browsing" instead of a full-fledged hunt. I think the word hunt implies a little more urgency than what's going on here. We're still looking regularly. Every day, I browse through listings on my phone hoping there will be something that jumps out. One of the most frustrating things is seeing houses that we passed over last year come back on the market, gorgeously remodeled and out of our price range. I have to remind myself that we passed on those houses for a reason, but it's still hard when I see how beautiful they look after just a year's worth of work. On the other hand, it's also encouraging knowing that whatever diamond-in-the-rough we end up with will hopefully have that same potential.

I'm always having to remind myself that there's no downside to taking our time in this process. Every month we spend looking is another month to save our pennies and not settle for an almost-but-not-quite-right house. Realistically, though, it's also another month to question if this is ever really going to happen.

I'm adding another item to all those "helpful" checklists (insert eye-roll here) that tell you how to find and buy a house (as if it were as simple as tracking down a brand of yogurt in the grocery store...smh). Stay encouraged. House hunting is not an easy process to begin with, but it's even harder when you're being a Debbie Downer. Not that I speak from experience or anything. ;)

We have a few more houses lined up to see in the near future and if the disappointments of the past have taught me anything it's to go look with an open mind and no expectations. But I wouldn't be opposed to you sending a few good thoughts our way!